Fall for Dance: Program 2


Malevo owned the stage tonight. For a second night in a row at New York City Center, tap dancing took the cake at Fall for Dance. However, Malevo is waaaay beyond just tap or “Argentine folk dance” as the group describes itself.

It’s the most energetic and most energizing show I’ve seen in a long time — combining tapping/clogging, drumming, precision footwork, lighting, sound, and so much more.

Other memorable performances tonight include the unusual, unexpected, and wild French hip-hop dance company Compagnie Dyptik, and the beautiful Washington Ballet.

Trinity Irish Dance Company and Ensemble Español

Bravos to the Trinity Irish Dance Company for an amazing show at the Joyce Theater‘s American Dance Platform on January 12th with their precision, techniques, and stunning group work — creating not just powerful movements, beautiful patterns, but also incredible music.

The night also featured spirited flamenco and Spanish dance by Ensemble Español.

Fall for Dance: Day Three

The New York premiere of German Cornejo’s “Tango Fire” easily takes the cake tonight. Fabulous aerials. Incredible foorwork. Live music. And fabulous aerials. Did I mention fabulous aerials? I was as awed by the ladies flying through the air while executing intricate footwork as I was scared for them. On numerous occasions, as they were lifted and/or spun around, there was no room for error, between the ladies and the floor, the chairs, or other dancers flying through the air at the same time. Of course, they also mark the most stunning moments of the evening.

Pennsylvania Ballet presented “Rush” choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon and a New York premiere, featuring a happier and more light-hearted theme (compared to the ballet from the opening nights).

Cie Art Move Concept had a few crazy sick moves in their performance tonight. Dancers spinning on their head… backflipping on their head… flying through the air, landing on their back, and then rebounding (while still on their back) into another leap. Wow!